The Guide to Energy-efficient Living

This guide simplifies what the Irish homeowner needs to undertake to transition to a cleaner, greener, energy-efficient home, including information on grants, finance available, the BER system and how improvements to your home can move it up the BER scale.

5 Reasons Why Solar is Hot in Ireland

Solar Panel Effectiveness

It’s easy to assume Ireland is too far north, and that warm Mediterranean countries are the only benefactors of solar energy systems. Solar is really effective in Ireland. Here’s 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to install a domestic solar energy system.

Why Choose SolarSmart

Selecting the right solar installation partner isn’t an easy task. Here’s a list of 7 reasons why we think the smart choice is SolarSmart.

How does a Solar Energy system work?

A solar energy system is a simple system consisting of solar panels, an inverter and an optional battery. Solar panels make DC power which is turned into AC power and used by your home.

Are you eligible for the SEAI grant?

You are eligible for the grant if  your home was built and occupied before 2011. The second condition for eligibility is that after your solar PV system installation, your home must achieve at least a C BER energy performance rating.