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Is your home solar-ready?

Going solar has always been a smart choice for the environment—but now it makes smart financial sense as well. All you need is a good-sized roof, and a desire to save big on your annual electricity bill!

Based on the latest figures, almost half-a-million Irish homes are solar-ready—that means they are ideally situated to reap the financial benefits that come with switching to solar.

With SolarSmart, homeowners not only save thousands of euros per year by generating their own clean, green electricity from daylight—they can earn money by selling their excess back to the grid.

SolarSmart takes the hassle out of going solar by streamlining the process for you—from our initial consultation to full installation. Our solar advisors use the latest technology to accurately configure a system that fits your personal consumption patterns.

Included in our free quote is a clear picture of the year-on-year savings you can expect to make. What’s more, we’ll even process your SEAI grant application for you so you can avail of your refund immediately.

SolarSmart’s leading-edge solar and battery technology guarantees your solar system is future-proofed to meet increasing energy demands. When your system is switched on, we remain your single point of contact for all maintenance and performance issues.

Our installations come with a no-fuss two-year warranty, while battery systems and panels are covered by 10 and 25-year warranties respectively.

There’s never been a better time to switch to cleaner, greener solar power. SolarSmart makes it easy.

I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!