SolarSmart is one of Ireland’s fastest growing domestic, farm and small commercial solar PV sales and installation companies. Our vision is to build an installation company that attracts, trains, upskills and retains the talent necessary to deliver 1500 solar installations annually. 

We believe the Irish solar energy market will grow exponentially in the next decade and there will be a significant talent shortage as a result. Solar PV installations are an ideal format to upskill talent who want to work as solar roofers, PV electricians and general operatives.

Unique to the Irish market, we work hard to operate a 4-day work week for our installation crews. The reason is that our installation teams have to rise early, load vans, sometimes drive several hours, then get on roofs and into attics, drive home and get ready to do the same again the next day.

Our corporate ethos is to look after our employees so they take really good care of our customers. Happy installation teams and a solid operational foundation translate into happy customers. We receive more than 50% of our business from referrals.

We have a people-first approach to building our company culture. If you are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about solar energy, or want a job that makes a difference, then you should talk to us about joining our highly motivated team.