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Saving's Easy With Solar!

Now you can save up to €1,100 a year on your energy bill by generating your own clean, green electricity direct from solar power.

Up to €2400 in Grants Available from SEAI

Going Solar Now Makes Financial Sense

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Every hour of electricity you generate with your solar PV panels is money you no longer have to pay your electricity supplier.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Solar PV and battery storage systems increase the BER rating and the value of your home because your home is more energy efficient.

Get Free Hot Water During Summer

Solar panels are really effective in summer. As a result, they produce excess power that can be used to heat water – for free !

Enjoy Solar Now and Pay later

If an outright purchase isn’t for you, you can buy now and pay later with our finance partner Humm by Flexifi.

Sell Excess Energy Back to the Grid

Starting 2022, your electricity supplier will be required to pay a rebate for every unit of electricity you spill to the grid.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar generated electricity is 100% clean, while the electricity from Ireland's grid is still 70% from fossil fuels.

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saving is easy with solar

Go Solar with the Experts

solar panels and battery

Speak with a solar advisor about what solar PV can do for you. We take time to understand your electricity consumption habits so we can design the perfect system, future-proofed for your home. We show you how much going solar will save you every year, in carbon savings and in money in your bank account. Every kilowatt hour of electricity you make on your roof is money you don’t pay over to your electricity supplier.

Once you’ve agreed the design of your system, a dedicated project manager handles everything about your installation. Once we confirm every aspect of your installation with a site survey, most jobs are finished in one day. The project manager expedites the SEAI grant on your behalf. Your solar system is designed to last more than 25 years.