Is planning permission needed for solar PV in Ireland?

At the moment, planning permission for the installation of solar panels is needed for solar photovoltaic systems greater than 12 meter square or about 6 solar panels. Stay tuned though, because this is expected to change.

Irish planning regulations state that a planning exemption applies in circumstances where it does “not exceed 12 square metres or 50% of the total roof area, whichever is the lesser.” However, it’s always best to ask your local authority for guidance about planning permission if:
  • Your home is a protected structure
  • You home is located in a protected area, for example, an architectural conservation area
  • The proposed works do not meet the conditions listed in the application guidelines
Plans are definitely in the works to change this requirement. Under the government’s Climate Action Plan 2019, a whole section of the plan is dedicated to micro-generation, and Irish homeowners can have up to 6 kW of solar panels connected to the grid, so we feel strongly that the planning regulations will be updated to support the micro-generation movement.

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